Some Hidden Facts About Fire Emblem Heroes

Here I am back to your count my impressions of the beautiful and epic game Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn! Both say right away, I had never played a game in the series, and barely 1 month ago I couldn’t have imagined to buy a set of the license. But now, after falling on various game on Youtube videos, my enthusiasm for this game did that grow. Because of this, I’m in my usual go take a look at the price of the game on Amazon, which is in my opinion the site offering the most attractive prices in video game. The game around 40 euros of occasion, I spent my way. But one fine day (well Monday in fact) I saw one at 24 euros! With a game that I sold 6 euros, I could have it for only 18 euros useless to tell you that I was proud and happy.Here’s some Fire Emblem Heroes Hack you need to know to get more and more orbs and coins.

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For the record, Fire Emblem is a series created by Shigeru Miya… Ah well not by Shouzou Kaga and developed by Intelligent Systems (Nintendo so) of type Tactical RPG. Besides, it’s even the series which has laid the foundations of this kind since as the name suggests, you need to be very strategic for tackling your opponents and not just to rush into the crowd. In this article I will talk to you as I said previously the last episod: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on Wii I acquired a few days ago. It’s my first episode and I went so far to 15 hours of games knowing it is around 40-50 hours of games tests (this is the longest episode of the series). A good life so but that may seem short to some especially when it comes to RPG, but in my opinion, it is more than acceptable (especially at 18 euros hehehe).

The game takes place on the continent of Tellius, 3 years after the events of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance episode released on GameCube where Crimea region and the region of Daein indulged a merciless war. Crimea having defeated Daein, it could decide to keep this last but finally chose to leave her in the care of the most powerful region of the continent: Begnion because of lack of richness of Crimea to care for another region. But what don’t know the great chefs of Begnion, if I may say so, it’s that their soldiers to Daein to oppress the people of the region without scruples. A new war is going from here to burst. The other 4 regions are regions Laguz. The Laguz are men who can turn into animals, most of the time in Tiger, cat, bird, and in rare cases, in Leo. They are considered by the Beorc (human) IE Crimea, Daein and Begnion and “under humans” Although many Beorc and Laguz agree with each other. There is also a third race that mix the two called the “without parents”. Here is the map to give you an idea of the world where we are:

While in ais – I thought. First of all as I already told you, I appreciate the life expectancy of 40-50 hours of gameplay that is offered to us. Well, to tell you the truth, I think even get to 60 hours of play being quite a pro series and type. We control in this opus Micaiah and Sothe, who are brothers and sister spiritually. So I was a little disappointed not to control Ike from the beginning but the error will be caught up by the fact that because Yes we control in long parts of the game, the game consists of 4 parts each with a prologue, epilogue, and chapters. I really like the script. This knightly atmosphere with associations and rivalries between different parts of the game. Another thing that surprised me at the beginning of the game, it is in VF and in my view, dubbing is quite successful.


The gameplay. I’ve never been very RPG except Pokémon (and more recently Xenoblade Chronicles) but I really appreciate the game system. We can say that the game overall keep the same pattern. Between each battle, characters speak and can go to their camp to equip themselves, buy potions, level up, discuss and so on. Then, the next fight happens. The fighting by phase. Indeed, there is the player phase where you’ll control your characters, the enemy phase where enemies will play but also the phase reinforcement phase another phase. During the fighting you most often speak to the head of another team phase to join you him. The game system is quite complex to find out but even for me who starts in the series, I enjoyed. The goal at each battle are not the same. Sometimes you need to just kill the leader of the opponents, sometimes all kill them, sometimes take a box or conversely to protect one. There are a lot of class in this game as the traditional Archer, thief, Mage etc.

Musically we could expect rehearsals like Pokémon because whenever we are attacked on the battlefield or that attack opponents the same music snaps. Well no because as the game music change. Music, which incidentally are very successful and which include themes cults like the music of the Black Knight.

I also enjoyed the graphics, especially those of the cutscenes to the point that I think it’s too bad to see too little. Without being transcendent, it’s very good for the Wii with more, I repeat, cutscenes that have their own style to them.

In summary, I recommend obviously this game but not everyone. If you’re not big fans of strategies or RPG, it is not recommended because it’s a little more complicated. Obviously, its not that hard that we want to believe. Myself beginning in the series, I’m doing pretty well. You should find at good price used in specialty stores but you will arm you with patience.

Some Hidden Facts About Mobile Strike Game

For our last test iPhone of the week, we offer you Mobile Strike, a strategy game in which you must lead a military base. Build buildings and follow the instructions given to you to develop your base.Over this game developed by studio Epic War, you have to train elite troops to set up an army also consisted of vehicles. Then, your goal is to attack other bases to steal resources and earn experience points!

Moblie Strike Tips

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Game Graphics

Mobile Strike is a game managed graphically: indeed, the sets are pretty well made, with a lot of details, including at the level of the decorations. The animations they – also carried out well, even if we could expect even better.

Game Play

Regarding the gameplay, the game was very well thought for the touch screen iPhone. In addition, you are largely guided during the beginning of the adventure, allowing you to understand how to build a new building or even how to train units.


Mobile Strike has a quite huge life expectancy, with very many missions to fill during the adventure. Follow the directions given to you to advance in the game as well as to develop your base and make an impregnable Citadel.

Sound Track

For what is the soundtrack of the game, you can hear some music that used to punctuate the adventure, including the phases of construction and development of your base. Sound effects are also the part, like for example during your attacks.

Mobile Strike Price

As always with strategy games, Mobile Strike is downloadable for free, but offers to go through the box purchase app during the adventure, including to buy gold. However, you are not required to be used.

An economic model that creates doubt

After several sessions on Mobile Strike, we realize several things: the title is very easy to access while incorporating all the features of the management and browser strategy game. If the whole is far from perfect, we get this feeling, but at what price? Indeed, the last point to be addressed is other than the business model. ‘Should I spend euros to can handle face other players’? First, it should be noted, is that Mobile Strike prices are somewhat outrageous. Pay a hundred euros for an astronomical amount of gold premium is simply excessive. In addition, gold is used to speed “big V”, even for the most basic tasks… However, this gold is to speed up the wait time as is the case in browser games. Thus, if you dig good allies, this currency should not miss you too much. As it is still better to take the time to develop his city rather than getting in a few moments the most improvements. In conclusion, Mobile Strike is a good game management and strategy on mobile, but who could be tweaked on many aspects.

Mobile Strike is also a strategy game since you will need to direct hostilities and form an army which will be fit to fight epic battles on your behalf. During your adventure, you will also have the opportunity to experience lots of different vehicles, all also sophisticated than the others. You will have opponents from around the world and you have to prove yourself by using tactics. Know that in total, you will have the opportunity to order 16 troops of different military levels.

One thing is certain, the action will not fail on Mobile Strike. You even have an option to create alliances with other players to join forces and conquer always more enemy territories. Discover below the Strip ad of this mobile game and if you are interested, don’t hesitate to click on the banner below to download it for free.

super mario run game free download

The Android version of Super Mario Run comes out in March. Since the end of last year, allows bidding already register in order to get a call when the game comes out,but now Nintendo has also published the release month. An exact date was not disclosed, but the supply of Super Mario Run Hack Android begins in March, says Nintendo Japan on Twitter. The game is already mentioned in thePlay Store, but is not yet available for download. Users can click a button to register for a notification when the game comes out.Super Mario Run

It is not yet known what the in-app-purchases made in the game. On iOS is the game free, but must be paid 9.99 euro there all content to be able to play. Presumably that on Android the same, but the price may vary. Halfway through december, Super Mario Run Hack out on iOS. The game has three different game types: there is a Super Mario Kart with the name World Tour, a Toad Rallymode to the scores of others trying to improve and Kingdom Builder, where the player can unlock items to build your own Kingdom.

Super Mario Run

A new kind of Super Mario Run Android, you can play with one hand!

Rent Mario in this game automatically through the levels. It’s your job to make him jump to as enemies and to Dodge obstacles. How Mario reacts, depends on the timing with which you touch the screen. So do your best to with smooth moves to collect coins and to reach the endpoint!

Note: in order to play you need a internet connection. For the internet use may be at an additional cost.

World tour

Run, jump and save Princess Peach from Bowsers vicious claws!

Your journey takes you along Plains, caves, haunted houses, airships, castles and more!

You can discover 6 worlds with a total of 24 brand new levels, each designed specifically to be played with one hand!

Note: to get access to all 6 worlds you have to make a purchase.


Let see what moves Mario at home, challenge your friends and take on players from around the world!

A competitive game mode with every time another opponent.

Beat your opponents by to collect more coins and more cool moves to show that came with the Toads. If you have enough impression to make know, moving the Toads even to your Kingdom.

By stylish moves fill you coins hunting meters!

Note: in order to participate you have to Toad races race tickets. For example, this can be obtained by completing worlds or playing mini games in your Kingdom.

My Kingdom

Collect coins and Toads, and build your own Kingdom!

Put your own, unique Kingdom full of buildings and objects you get thanks to the Toads to be found in Toad races have gathered.

With the help of the Toads on who you in Toad races impression created, you can expand your Kingdom as you want it.

There are more than 100 things you can put in your Kingdom!

Note: you can Run a part of Super Mario free download and play, and against payment of a fixed amount access to all the content of the game.

Super Mario Run for Android is launched in March

Much has been written about the arrival of the hugely popular game Super Mario Run Tips but unfortunately we can not still play the game. This is in contrast to our iPhone friends. But it seems that March is the month that the game then finally in the Play Store is launched.

Launch in March 2017

Nintendo has via the Twitter account that Free Super Mario Run Cheat in March will be launched and that many fans will still take too long but as far as we are concerned, it is still better than later this year or sometime in 2017 as previously communicated.

Super Mario Run Get Unlimited Coins is an endless runner in which the famous plumber. The game is already released for iOS but not yet for Android. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, indicated in an interview with Mashable, gave this as the reason that Android not safe enough. Because Nintendo security very important finds at developing apps, will develop for Android so take longer.

How To Hack Fire Emblem Heroes Get Unlimited Orbs Stamina

The new mobile game from Nintendo is finally available on Android and iOS.(CCM) – announced a few weeks ago by Nintendo and expected by many players, the role and Fire Emblem Heroes strategy game is finally available free-to-play on smartphone and tablet. This time not jealous, because Fire Emblem Heroes was released simultaneously on iOS and Android. Another success in sight for Nintendo after Super Mario Run?

Fire Emblem Heroes offers a scenario completely unpublished based around the antagonism between the Kingdom of Embla and the guardians of Askr. This episode also offers fans of maps, a training mode, and an arena mode where it is possible to play against other players online.

If the Fire Emblem Heroes gameplay is similar to that of the episodes that made the famous saga, it was obviously adapted for mobile use. The player selects characters – some of them from previous games – and then moves them on the boxes in the field of battle or attack the opponents, every action making the turn. You can download Fire Emblem Heroes now on iTunes or Play Store. If the game is completely free, however it contains in-app purchases.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Important Tips And Tricks

Born to make history

A choice that can seem strange, when other licenses that seem most popular as Animal Crossing, Kirby or Doshin the Giant would probably have had more success than the Intelligent System Tactical-RPG. But that was before the release of Fire Emblem Awakening, an episode that propelled the series out of its niche, both in Japan and in the West. A success that will confirm Fates 3 years later, bringing the series into licenses that matter to Nintendo, more than 25 years after its creation. In addition to the popularity, it is also good to remember that the series lends itself quite well to mobile gameplay: with its checkerboard system which ignores all high 3D definition of the world to work, Fire Emblem is the logical choice for a conversion on smartphone.

Last Heroes Strategy

Fire Emblem Heroes puts us in the shoes of a strategist invoked by Anna, the Commander of the army of the Kingdom of Askr, to give a hand to Alfonse (the fault is of origin) and Sharena, respectively prince and Princess of the Kingdom. They are opposed to the empire of Embla and Veronica Empress who seeks to conquer all worlds. I say “worlds”, because there are portals related to the worlds of the various Fire Emblem in the universe of Heroes. This excuse of scenario will be used especially to make you meet and recruit the many heroes of the series, whether they are main characters or peons, when reprenants tactical battles and simplifiants mechanics of the series.

The wheel of fortune

Unlike Mario, who gets paid to spend the first World Fire Emblem Heroes stay free for the patient player. But the title, developed in collaboration with DeNa, specialist in free-to-play (or F2P) to Japan, uses many mechanics to frustrate the player and push the purchase to go faster or get what he wants.

The first mechanism is a stamina meter that limits the number of playable games. In Fire Emblem Heroes, to spend a certain number of points of energy to cast a card. If the entry price is ridiculous at the beginning of the game, the more difficult maps will ask you 20 points to be able to be launched. When you know that the point of energy maximum is 50, we can quickly finish dry. Of course, these points regenerate over time, one every 5 minutes and it is possible for the most impatient to use objects to fill the gauge faster, but here we see the first lever that uses the game to slow down the heat of the Fire Emblem player.

The second is to me much more perverse: it’s the orbs. Simply put, it is the currency of the game. You get via cards of the script or by paying real money in the game store (which is not held by Anna to my surprise) and they will allow you to buy a bit of everything: filling of the energy bar, upgrade your HQ for more experience and above all, to invoke the heroes who train your army. In Heroes, we forget the pleasure of recruitment on the battlefield and through a portal of invocation where you pay an entry fee to invoke a character randomly. This good old hazard, absent from the battlefield, has therefore taken up residence here and created an imbalance between the players that not all have access to the same resources to be able to advance in the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack

Today, our team brings you all the Fire Emblem Heroes hack that will give you access to unlimited number of Orbs. Use the latest version this cheat Fire Emblem Heroes, activate it in game and be one of the best in this game. This trainer works on Android mobile phones or tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and other iOS device.

Fire Emblem Heroes Hack Features

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